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Great fun color analysis done at Gülcan. I learned a lot from it and now use the color booklet when I need new clothes.  She also helped me with my shopping in a very friendly yet determined way, so that I look more credible as a freelance teacher, which was the intention. Thank you Gulcan!   †


Siska, Physiotherapist, teacher, Heerenveen


After 2 pregnancies and a lot of boring old clothes I thought it was time for a new wardrobe. Because I don't like shopping at all and always only buy black and dark blue, I called on Gulcan for color and clothing advice. And I got that! Gulcan is very thorough. After an extensive color analysis, we made a mood board and she cleaned out my wardrobe. She came up with good advice for every item of clothing. From what I was left with, which was a surprising amount, she made handy capsules so that I know what to wear every morning in no time, without falling into dark blue and black again. Based on my new color chart, my mood board and the evaluation of my closet, we went shopping. Gulcan's advice: more color and more prints make all that black and dark blue a lot more interesting. Since then, I've been sticking to Gulcan's advice obediently. My closet was still so colorful!   †

Linda,  Project coordinator, Amsterdam


A pleasant and warm reception. I received extensive color and style advice, which I can do a lot with.  I now understand why a v-neck and blouses do not suit me. This saves buying.  I now also know which colors strengthen me and which I absolutely should not wear anymore. Very nice.

During the personal shopping, clothes were taken from the racks, which I would not easily pick up myself, but which turned out to suit me surprisingly well. All in all, a very successful color and style advice.  Thank you Gülcan  †


Antje, primary school teacher, Heerenveen

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I was very happy with the  style advice session with Gulcan. I did the session, after my pregnancy and before the  the holiday period. Two huge advantages were:  

1. For the first time in years, I had carried a lot less clothes for a holiday because everything matched.  

2. And most importantly, everything I had with me, suited me very well, because of the color advice and tips Gulcan gave me. My appearance got a boost! And that felt fantastic after pregnancy. I want to keep this!  

Gulcan is not only a top performer in her field in terms of content. She is also a very sensitive person and does this with a lot of love. It is very pleasant to go into a style advice session with her. So if I lose a few pounds again, I definitely want to go again!!   †


Ummuhan, psychologist/coach, Utrecht


Together with Gülcan I did an extensive check of my current wardrobe and clothing style. vShe first took the time to go through what my current style is, what I struggle with and what I would like to radiate.

With a color analysis she looked at which colors best match my hair color, eyes and shape of my face. When we went through my wardrobe together, she came up with surprising new combinations and I said goodbye to clothes that I secretly never liked to wear (and now I know why). 

I went shopping with her, which was not only very pleasant but also good to think "out of the box". This whole experience has helped me a lot to gain insight into myself and my clothing style. Now when I'm in a store I know which fabrics, collar types and clothing style I can skip and which items are fun to try. 

I would recommend this to everyone! Gülcan is sweet, patient and knows what she is talking about  †


Renske, doctor, Haarlem

My work is not finished until you are satisfied! Previous customers share their experiences. For example, how they were helped during their color analysis, wardrobe check, shopping or a combination of all of these. Read their reviews below.

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